How to close 1000+ websites and replace them with a drupal platform

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The municipality of Copenhagen has gone Drupal in large scale. Within this and the next 2-3 years more than 1000 websites built on more than 15 different cms’s (plone, wordpress, sharepoint, dynamicweb etc) will be replaced by a new drupal platform. Our mantra is to build reusable, maintainable and flexible design, content, code and infrastructure.

This session will focus on how a big local government organization is succeeding in implementing Drupal with both short term and long goals.while maintaining flexibility in the overall setup. The key point of this presentation will be how to do Drupal both technically and organizationally from the bottom up, without losing track of where you are going – a challenge which many have failed.

The replacement of a 10 year old intranet is one of the first projects. The intranet servs 45.000 employees across 7 distinct organizational structures. The setup includes several different Drupal distributions organized and managed by Aegir project, development of a scalable information architecture and design, setting up the infrastructure and environment of the platform and creating a user friendly editorial interface. There are currently 20 different websites running on the platform and it is build so new websites can be added without increasing costs. We will also talk about importance of the open source community and how we empowered contributing back.

Points covered in the presentation:
• Establishing long term and short term goals and principles for a drupal platform
• Challenges of governmental organization and goals
• A scalable information architecture and design
• High performance system architecture
• Information about distributions that were built
• Giving back to the community
• Next on our drawing boards

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Wednesday · 13:00-14:00