Submit a session for DrupalCon Prague and get selected!

Cooperation, participation, selection

I’m looking forward to a lot of great sessions in Prague from our amazing community (you!) and from outside it. To get those, we’ll need high-quality proposals, a bit of promotion for those proposals, and constructive feedback. These elements will make it possible for the track chairs to give you the sessions that will make DrupalCon what you out there in the Drupal trenches want to see and learn in Prague.

Core conversations are now open for submission!

Core Conversations are a special flower in the DrupalCon world, meant to focus on core process, ideas for improvement, as well as wild plans for Drupal core including new features, APIs, and 3rd-party integrations. In fact, the Drupal 8 Configuration Management Initiative was born from a Core Conversation at DrupalCon Chicago! You don’t need to aim that high, but this is certainly the track to become creative with suggestions, present plans, and get people on board with your ideas.


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