On making better DrupalCon session proposals

Imagine a conference full of people passionate about the web and open source. Some sessions always attract more visitors than others, but this one room is absolutely packed. People are sitting in the alleys and in front of the doors despite fire regulations, eagerly waiting for the session to start. On the big screen, the title slide is that topic that has kept you awake through quite a few nights, underneath the title is your name. This is DrupalCon Prague, and on stage it’s you.

How do you get there?

In the beginning there were scholarships

DrupalCon is becoming a grown up conference in Europe and the next edition in Prague at the end of September will be the confirmation of that.

European DrupalCon dates have been moved to end of September, well clear of the summer and the scholar summer holidays, and as the event does this transition, the scholarship program will too, so we’re introducing the brand new “DrupalCon Grants and Scholarships” program.

DrupalCon Prague opens the call for content

The DrupalCon Prague team welcomes you to submit to our call for content for our September conference.

Why content, not papers? Well, the DrupalCon program has changed since we last did the call. We've listened to feedback from DrupalCon attendees, and we're hoping our new direction will really resonate with our audience. In addition to our regular great offerings of Sessions, BoFs, CXO, Keynotes and Training, we're excited to roll out a few new initiatives.


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