DrupalCon New and Improved: Meet the Drupal Labs Initiative

DrupalCon Prague planning is already in full swing. Though this isn’t my first planning round for a Con, it is my first real opportunity to work on the “official” planning team, and the times they are a-changing! We have spent lots of time on brainstorming changes to improve DrupalCon. We’re hoping to remove some of what hasn’t been working so well and try out some new ideas. Now that the community has been running European DrupalCons and camps for around 10 years, we’re hoping that the time is ripe for innovations like the DRUPAL LABS!

DrupalCon Prague introduces a Community Summit

You may have noticed that there is no longer a Community track for DrupalCon Prague. What?! Drupal is built on community! Why are we ignoring it at DrupalCon? That is a good question, and I want to explain how we are making the community side of DrupalCon even better than in the past — by removing the community track from sessions, and instead creating an entire day to focus on community work. Welcome to the Community Summit.


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