Create your perfect schedule at DrupalCon Prague - including BOFs!

We are excited to officially announce the schedule for DrupalCon Prague! For the full lineup of over 100+ sessions, Labs, BOFS, events, and other activities, view the full schedule online.

Don't miss a thing at DrupalCon

We kick off the week with a full day of intensive Drupal in practice with extended sprints, the DrupalCon CXO, 7 professional Drupal Training courses, and our first ever Community Summit (registration is now open!)

The general conference begins on Tuesday, with Jam & Robert Douglass (and Fake Robert Douglass's "Tutti fan' Drupal" opening welcome, followed by Dries Buytaert's Driesnote, The State of Drupal.

After that, prepare to get Drupal 8 Ready with Christopher Skene, Tim Eisenhuth, and Boris Gordon and build Your First Drupal 8 Module with Larry Garfield and Robin Barre or Upgrade Your module to Drupal 8 with xjm, Alex Bronstein, and Angie Byron.

If there's simply too much great stuff going on, don't worry about remembering it all, your Personal Schedule will do it for you. Simply login, then click "add to schedule" on any event you want to save for later. You can then access the schedule at any time by logging in to your user profile and clicking "My Schedule".

View and build your personal schedule

But Wait, there's BOFs!

We are also excited to announce that we'll be having advance online BOF scheduling for Prague, which you can begin posting today. To prevent all the rooms being filled up right away, we'll open up some rooms now for advance scheduling, and the remaining rooms the week of DrupalCon.
Be sure to brush up on BOF posting guidelines before getting started.

View the BOF schedule and add your own

You'll likely be exhausted by the time Trivia Night rolls around on Thursday the conference, but we encourage you to stay through Friday, so you can participate in our Contribution Sprints.

We're still looking for people who can help mentor new contributors. If you need a ticket to attend the conference, there are a limited number of free mentor tickets available (applications close Friday.)

Get your DrupalCon ticket today

If you haven't registered for DrupalCon, now is the time! DrupalCon Prague is shaping up to be one of our best European Cons yet! Tickets are just €475 (including VAT) and include a full week of Drupal extended learning, collaboration, and fun!

Register for DrupalCon or purchase prepaid tickets for your team.

Remember also our earlybird rates for Training end Friday. Save a little extra cash and register for a training now!

Register for DrupalCon


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